Hey! It's Hannah, Hannah Baker!! Settle in, cause I'm about to tell you about the story of my life. More specifially, why my life ended. And if you are listining to this tape, you are one of the reasons why! Just open the pandoras box of secrets and sooner or later, the truth will come out and set you free. A masterpiece that you can not only watch, but also feel. Get ready to dive deep into the abyss of human emotion. WELCOME TO YOUR TAPE!!

Play the Game, don't let the game play you!! Be the player, not the played!! Murphy's Law is in full effect. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Every problem has a solution but every solution causes a brand new problem. Thats what this show is all about. The only thing better than the elegant cinematography is the brilliant writing. The only thing better than the brilliant writing is the exquisite acting. AKA Julia Garner as Ruth Langmore, enough said!!

Can I give you a hug? NO!! Why does this stranger want to hug me? Pondered Jen (played by Christina Applegate) as she looked at Judy (played by Linda Cardellini). If Jen only knew that Judy is not exactly a stranger, but someone who is connected to her via a shocking secret!! Somehow a friendship develops between Jen and Judy even though they are two very different people. The shocking secret is kept a secret by Judy until she reveals it to Jen in an unexpected moment and then...

DANGER Will Robinson DANGER!! Ironically, every great story begins with the end of the world. Earth maybe coming to an end, but humanity is not. There are other worlds in the universe where humanity can survive. The story maybe cliche, but the show is not. After getting lost in space, they discover a new place, that they can finally embrace. Crash land while they steer, onto an alien sphere, but have no fear, because the ROBINSONS are here!!


I have never really cared much about the story in video games, that is until I played THE LAST OF US. I have always liked video games based on graphics and gameplay only. THE LAST OF US completely changed the game with an unforgetable story. The game starts with a movie like prologue involving the main character Joel and his daughter Sarah. The prologue breaks your heart and sets up the game beautifully at the same time. When the epidemic breaks out, it becomes into a game of survival. As the story progresses, several new characters are introduced including the one and only, Ellie.

Ellie is not only my favorite character in THE LAST OF US, but she is my favorite video game character of all time. I have played the game several times now, but every time I reach the point in the story of the game where Ellie is introduced, I get the chills. Even though she is young and just starting to understand life, she is forced to grow up fast by the unusual life circumstances around her. Due to this she considers herself as an adult and does not want to be treated like a child anymore. This makes her character very relateable. Watch this scene below and you will know what I mean.

She's gonna walk through the valley of the shadow of death. She fears no evil, cause she's blind to it all. She's gonna find and she's gonna kill, every last one of them. Watch Ellie in this bone chilling preview of the much anticipated sequel to THE LAST OF US.


SOUTHPARK season 20 recently concluded and I wanted to take this opportunity to finally blog about one of my favorite shows. In my opinion, season 20 was one of the best seasons ever. It gave me motivation to express my appreciation for it. The writing for the show is beyond brilliant. My favorite aspect about the show is the sense of humor. I really appreciate that they are not afraid to stretch the limits of comedy. They have been there, done that, and then some.

I am not a big fan of animation, but SOUTHPARK is different. I did not start watching it from season one onwards. In fact, since it was an animation, I was not really interested in watching it at all. However, a long time ago I saw a promo. It was a promo for the internet episode. In the promo, there was a tag line, "there is no internet to find out why there is no internet". That was the moment! It got me! I decided to watch that episode and I have not stopped watching SOUTHPARK ever since. This is chapter one of my SOUTHPARK story.

THANK YOU Trey Parker and Matt Stone for sharing your creative masterpiece with the world. Your sense of humor is appreciated more than you will every know.

THANK YOU Comedy Central for keeping SOUTHPARK around for twenty years and allowing them the freedom to create this masterpiece. Hoping for another twenty seasons and more.



The simple answer to that question is NO, we are not alone. YES, the conditions on our planet are ideal for life to begin, evolve, and survive. However, the universe is infinitely large for life to exist only on one planet. Even though the universe is in its infancy stage, the probability of another life existing and becoming completely extinct is higher than not existing at all. Some of the conditions on our planet include, optimal distance from the nearest star, presence of a strong magnetic field, existance of a viable atmosphere, and of course water.

Even on our planet, it has been observed that life can survive in the most extreme conditions. This proves that even if the conditions on another planet are not ideal, life is still possible. Life will always find a way through adaptation and evolution. It is well known that time and resources on our planet are limited, so the correct question to ask is this. Will WE find another life before WE become extinct?

What will THEY do if THEY find us? To answer that question, we need to ask if we are actually worth anything to them? If they can travel through space and time to reach our planet, it is obvious that they are more intelligent than us. There are two possible scenarios here.

The first scenario is that they have inevitably destroyed their own planet and they are now looking for another habitable planet for their species to survive. In this scenario, our planet is useless to them because they will clearly see that we are on the same path as them and we will also inevitably destroy our own planet so they will once again have to move elsewhere.

The second scenario is that they are searching for another intelligent species to communicate with. In this scenario, they will clearly see that we have not reached their level of intelligence yet. They would rather learn from another species than teach them. However, the resources on our planet maybe useful for them. Hence, they could exterminate us and make our planet into a resouce station until they deplete all resources and move to another planet.

In conclusion, we are the aliens to them and we are not worth their time.


Dreams are how brains archive memories. Just like most people, I dream every night. My dreams are not only pleasent, they are actually a lot of fun. Most of my dreams are cooler than watching movies because I am not only having the dream, I am also a part of the story. Unfortunately, I forget all of my dreams when I wake up or within a few minutes later, as I start my day. However, there is one dream that was so unique and cool that I will remember it forever.

In this unforgetable dream, I was an astronaut. Along with other astronauts, I was traveling through space in search for life. The mission was to not only find a planet that can sustain life, but possibly find intelligent life that we can communicate with. After much travelling, we found exactly what we were looking for. We knew there was intelligent life on this planet because it was surrounded by a lot of sattelites and huge space stations. There were many spaceships flying around just like airplanes on earth.

We began our approach towards the planet, carefully navigating through the chaos and slowly began our descent onto the surface. We found an open area to land our spaceship and successfully made a touchdown. Looking through the windows of our spaceship, we saw trees and water around. The conditions looked very similar to earth so we collectively made a decision to get out without putting on our spacesuits. As we stepped out, we found that we could breathe normally just like on earth, and the gravity felt very similar too.

With all the trees and water around the area, we did not see any people. However, there was an isolated building not too far away from where we landed. We decided to walk towards it, hoping to find someone there. As we got closer, we found that there were no vehicles around the building and it looked like a scientific research facility. Not knowing what to expect, we approached the front door carefully and found that is was open.

Based on the size of the bulding and the front door, we figured out that the people on this planet are approximately the same size as us. As we entered the building, we found that the lobby area was completely empty with no people or furniture. However, we heard some speaking noises coming from the inside. This was it, the moment of truth. That defining moment when we were going to make first contact with another species. Just before we were about to make contact, before that life changing event happened, I woke up from my dream.

It was all just a dream. I know you must be disappointed reading this story not knowing what happened next. Imagine my disappointment having had this unforgetable dream and living my life without closure. Regardless, it was a wonderful dream and I do not have any regrets about it being the only dream that I have ever remembered. It was a memorable adventure with an important message. The future of life is unwritten. It can be whatever you want it to be. Life is a journey and not a destination.